Why Should You Include Ganesh In Your House

A beautifully decorated house speaks volumes about the kind of people living in there. It is a sign of their personality and choice. Hence, people spend a lot of money in tastefully decorating the space that they live in. While decorating the house you should also keep in mind the flow of positive vibes in the house. Therefore, it is important to make certain idols like that of Lord Ganesha to ensure positivity and good luck in the house. You can use a ganesha split painting in your house on a suitable wall if you do not have sufficient space for an idol.

How is Ganesh useful

Ganesh is also known as the one who wards of all troubles and should be kept in the house. Placing an idol at the main entrance is necessary for keeping away the evil eye. It helps in the entry of peace and prosperity in the house. Here the lord acts as the guardian of the house. However, it is not good for the lord to show his backside to the rest of the house since it brings poverty. Therefore, place another Ganesh idol or painting facing the rooms so that prosperity prevails.

The Ganesh idol can be placed on the shelves of your house also. But ensure that nothing made of leather is present around it as this brings bad luck. While purchasing the idol or Ganesha wall hanging onlinecheck that the truck is not towards the right side. It is said that pleasing such a deity is difficult. It will require a special puja session that has to be performed properly to please the lord. Such Ganesh statues are ideal for temples and not for homes. The one with the trunk towards the left is a good sign and best for keeping in homes.

Material for Ganesh idol

The Ganesh idol is made of different materials like silver, copper, wood, brass and even clay. A Ganesh made of silver is essential for publicity and fame. It should ideally be placed in the west, southeast or northwest direction of the house only. A copper Ganesh is best for people who want o have children in the house. The south and east directions only are considered best for it. The wooden Ganesh is essential for success, health and long life. Try to keep these in the north, east and northeast directions only. Brass idols are important for bringing joy and prosperity in the house. It should be placed in east, west and south directions of the house.

Wall hangings

If you want to keep Lord Ganesha in your house then go for ganesha wall hanging online or ganesh split paintingto ensure his presence in the house. Wall hangings are great for modern homes where space is limited. The walls also need to be decorated properly at all times. The wall hangings are available in a variety of materials like wood, metal and even clay. You can hang the same on the appropriate wall facing the right direction for best results and a peaceful home.

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