5 Rakhi Designs That Will Wow Your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is getting closer and closer with each passing day and thus, it’s time you start looking for the perfect Rakhi to please your brother. Finding the right Rakhi isn’t always easy but with the introduction of online stores that sell Rakhi’s and other pooja essentials, the process is a lot simpler now. Plus, as more and more types of Rakhis are available online, the awareness about them grows as well.

I decided to write this blog in order to bring to light 5 of my favourite Rakhi designs that I would love to be given as a brother. They say most men are alike so there is a good chance your brother will like these ideas too. Having said that, if you think he won’t, he won’t… because at the end of the day, you know your brother better than anyone else.

So, let’s get into the 5 most unique and eye-catching Rakhi styles and designs:

  1. Antique Swastika Rakhi’s

This style of Rakhi was conceived keeping ethnic styles and designs in mind. It can be seen with an antique style finish that comes with the auspicious swastika logo attached somewhere on the structure. It can usually be seen on the centre but can also be found on the band part of the Rakhi. The swastika symbol is used to symbolize good fortune, and this is why such Rakhi’s are considered auspicious. Wearing a swastika Rakhi or any item or accessory is said to help the individual lead a more fruitful life. So, if you want your brother to receive a bit of good luck, this is the Rakhi that might help you achieve just that.

  1. Lumba Rakhi

This style of Rakhi was created for brothers who are married. Commonly referred to as “Bhaiya Bhabhi” Rakhis, this style of Rakhi comes with two distinct Rakhi’s. One for the brother, the other for his wife or fiancé. The later is a much longer Rakhi that has been designed to dangle off your brother’s wife’s bangles. This is used as a gesture to welcome her to the family and as a result, it’d be deeply appreciated by your brother.

  1. Silver Rakhi

Silver is considered to be a highly auspicious metal as well as a colour in Indian culture. Which is why, if you find a silver Rakhi online, you should consider it for your brother. These are not only stunning to look at but can bring good fortune and prosperity into your brother’s life. Of course, real silver Rakhi’s will be on the expensive side but if it’s a grand gesture you’re looking to make, this is the best way to do it as gold would be even more costly.

  1. Rudraksha Rakhi

Another highly prosperous Rakhi to gift to your brother as it comes with Rudraksha seeds attached. If you don’t know, Rudraksha seeds are highly powerful and are said to have come from the teardrops of Mahadev. Their supernatural ability knows no bounds and can help cope with the stressful situation by offering metal peace and guidance.

  1. Zardozi Rakhi

Zardozi refers to a form of embroidery that originates from the middle east. The patterns and stitching featured on such items are truly a sight to behold thanks to the intricacy of details involved. Your brother might know what “zardozi” is, but he’ll definitely love the design regardless.

I hope the above suggestions help you choose a Rakhi. Either way, I hope you all have an auspicious and joyous day this Raksha Bandhan.

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