A Beautiful Life: The Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship

What is Life? It is all about experiencing and also expressing the various flavors in a relationship. Life is very too limited to be all alone, nurturing relations and sharing all our precious time are the two most beautiful flowers that are nurtured and blooms in the garden of life.

God created life as he had a relationship with us. He wanted us to have a relationship with him and planted others in our lives so that we learn to love and live with them who are also the ones he has relations with.

The relationship is the base of our identities and everything around us is a mirror reflection of what’s within us. It is the same with our partner also. In order to build a relationship that is healthy, we need to build it with our own selves first and it is how we enter into a relationship that is truly healthy and leads to a beautiful life.

The foundation of a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is like a recipe, in which several ingredients get mixed to create a beautiful dish called – a beautiful life. Let’s understand in detail, what are these ingredients:


The foundation of a healthy relationship that creates a beautiful life is honesty. Any relationship that is built on this foundation has an indestructible layout of trust and love. And both combined together give birth to respect. It is very important that we respect our partner because without it, love is bound to fail. Have your faith in truth.

Individual Compatibility It is not necessary that both the partners always need to be like-minded. More important is being equal-minded. If you and your partners find yourself in the same mental wavelength, you will always harness happiness and something to care for and something to love. The ability to support each other mentally is more infectious than support physically.

The Ability to Communicate Clearly

When you feel heard and the same with your partner, that means there is peace, there is love and above all there is trust. Couple who never argue to fight, means they are afraid to communicate and avoid confrontation. Which means they do not trust and love each other.

If it is so that you and your partner, both accepts apology fairly, it means you respect and communicate with each other and also love each other.

Willing to Compromise

In a relationship, there would be situations when one has to trek a bit more than required because of the other. If you and your partner accept this extra trek with ease and comfort, you are on your way to a healthy relationship and thus a beautiful life ahead.

Understand and Show Patience

We learn how to behave and communicate from our parents and everyone have different ways of doing so. It is important that you understand each other language and do not wait for the other to communicate.

Everyone feels, understands and act in their own way and you cannot control that. If you try to push it, it’s absolutely unsafe.

The foundation of a healthy relationship begins with you. It is easy to maintain and cherish when you know what to do and what not. And one last thing that kames it all the more beautiful – Never Forget to Say “I LOVE YOU”.

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