Amazing skyscrapers of London

London is one of the different cities standing near Thames river from south-east of England. It is a beautiful metropolis, and every time it has something new to show by building culture, and numerous things. Mainly, the capital of the UK has tallest skyscrapers in the European Union. London is an essential and straggling city in terms of the tallest building which is worth seeing from a height.

Here you will come to know the top towers of London which are very enjoyable when you see them from a significant height. They are as follows: –

  1. The Shard

It is also called ‘Shard of glass,’ ‘Shard London bridge,’ and ‘London bridge tower.’ It is the tallest skyscraper which is designed by Renzo piano- an Italian architect. The center location of this tower means you can see the whole of London from this spear like design. Its height is 1, 016 feet with huge decks in which 72 pack is for the public who want to enjoy London from the top. It is a house of various companies and hotels which provide world-class facilities across London.

  1. The Gherkins

The Gherkins is one of the most civilized skyscrapers of London with a height of 500,000 square feet.  It shapes like a pine cone, a cigar or a bullet which looks like fishnet from outside. All the facilities are available in this building from the shops to eateries, and it’s very near to many stations by walking. Top companies work from this building and feel proud.

  1. One Canada Square

It is in Canary Warf, London containing 50 stories and a height of 770 feet. Its architecture is based on contemporary styles like Elizabeth tower and Brookfield palace. An essential feature of this building is its pyramid roof which gives warning of aircraft in the form of flashing light. It is popular in the name of London landmark and has grown attention from films and television. It is used for offices, and various retail stores set up their units.

Every building in London has its own and unique feature which is liked by the tourists and the natives there.

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