Discuss the various types of dryers

Hand dryers are electric devices that dry hands after washing them. Majority of hand dryers consist of a device with a vent facing downwards. Some of the newer hand dryers include a gap to insert human hands into the airflow, drying hands on both sides.

Two main types of dryers are

  1. Hot air
  2. High speed air

Hot air dryers:  It uses comparatively slow hot air to dry hands.

High-speed air: use a high-velocity blast of air to remove water from hands and, in general, it is more efficient than hot air dryers and also eliminates the need to rub hands.

The germ-free impact of hand dryers is debatable. Some researches comparing the hygiene of automatic hand dryer with paper towels have exposed that the effect on the counting of bacteria rises with hand dryers and reduce with paper towels. Added studies also point out that cross-contamination can occur to other users up to two meters away. Manufacturers of hand dryers and others have questioned these states.

The best features of the hand Air dryer

The hand dryer is an excellent choice for all types of commercial locations. Here are five reasons to consider this exceptional product for installation:

  1. Simple, reliable operation:- The hand air dryer uses air at room temperature to dry hands speedily. This approach without heat makes it a wise and natural option for human needs.
  2. Adjustable noise levels:-This hand air dryer is an excellent choice for sound-sensitive environments such as nursing homes, hospitals and libraries.
  3. Patented Cold Plasma Clean technology:- This innovative approach uses ionised air to disinfect the user’s hands in a moment thoroughly. Ionised air is harmless to humans, but the killing of germs. The result: more excellent hygiene, less possibility of disease-causing infections and a better overall environment for people.
  4. Robust construction:- The industrial rank components in the Air hand dryer are manufactured last year, year after year. It makes Air an excellent choice for large volume bathrooms.

5.Attractive appearance:- The Air hand dryer comes in a range of flattering exteriors, including white, black graphite, chrome and stainless steel. This hand dryer will not only human needs, but it will also complement the appearance of a bathroom.

By ordering a hand air dryer today, people will get a great product, as well as these exclusive benefits:

  • Unbeatable guarantee of cost equalisation. If a person finds a minimum cost for the Air hand dryer or any other product that sell, from any Internet merchant, they will match or improve it every time, without fail.
  • Timely delivery of an ordered product at no additional cost. Online merchant ship majority of orders the same day they are placed. They also offer free UPS delivery to all points within the city.
  • Excellent customer service by online merchant team of conscious and well-trained specialists.

Hand dryers are used mainly for their price savings and environmental impact. They do not generate waste and use a smaller amount of resources as compared to paper towel dispensers. The hand dryer also uses less resource to construct than the manufacture of paper towels. Hand dryers are usually switched on with a button or, in the newer models, an infrared motion sensor.

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