Effective ways to sell paintings online

Artists are considered shy and there is a common belief that they are not very social too. When it comes to making money, they stand last. They follow their heart rather than following societal diktats. That is why they are artists. Had they been materialistic, they would have gone for some lucrative money-making. One of the famous Indian artists used to buy back his paintings if he found out the bad conditions in which they were kept. He also gave away his paintings at a low price if the purchaser promised to keep them nice.

To sell paintings online, you will need different types of tricks. You may do that from your website, websites for online art sellers and buyers, art galleries that have gone online, social media, etc. Each process and procedure will develop new avenues for your art and for you to earn through them. E-commerce business is spreading fast. People are not interested in searching for art galleries and visiting them individually when they can do so comfortably from their homes.

There are many places online and offline where you may sell and buy art but selecting these places would be helpful if you consider some factors such as the type of buyers you are targeting, the style of art in which you paint, etc. different places offer a different panacea for selling paintings online.

Ways to sell art online

There are two ways through which you can find buyers for your art. These are as follows:-

1. Make your website and sell art online

First, artists need to introduce themselves to potential art lovers and buyers. They need to identify as to what type of people would love to buy their art. Make a customized website of your own and promote it. Your online presence should be felt.

There are many website building tools and service providers that may help you in building your virtual portfolio which is very important if you want to sell your art through the internet. WordPress is an open tool for creating your website. You may avail hosting services of hosting providers like Go4hosting, Godaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, etc. these are generally used for creating every kind of website.

Many website service providers build websites exclusively for artists. They are preferred by many art-makers such as Faso, ‘Artist Run Website’ etc.

2. Selling art through third parties

 If you are a budding artist then I will advise you to first go for this. You may find good buyers for your art through established and cultivated third parties that are established as a brand in the e-commerce industry. They may be an art website or any other e-commerce outlet like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

Websites of known brands receive a large amount of traffic. They are visited by people from all strata. So, initially, you need to know what kind of reaction your art is getting from the people. That will help you in understanding the taste of the buyers. If they like your art, they may hire you for any project or commission you a customized painting. There is no harm in trying.

These websites charge some fee which is hefty in some cases for featuring your article. Some of these websites do not charge any fee for featuring your paintings but they charge some commission on selling price of every painting you sell through them. These commissions may be as high as 35% of the total selling price. There are many good online websites deal with selling and buying art and paintings like Indian Art Ideas, Mojarto, Fizdi, Singulart, Zazzle, PixPa, etc.

There are many market places on online platforms and other places too that focus on spectators having specific kind of taste such as they buy, sell and display only modern art or traditional art. Platforms like Amazon, Zazzle, PixPa, Indian Art Ideas, and Mojarto introduce you to masses. Many markets give a gateway to young and emerging artists to sell digital images of their artworks. Through these websites, you may get some projects for designing prints for business development. You may get hired as a designer for apparel and other household items.

A piece of final advice to novices in the field of business of selling art online.

There is significant advice that every artist must keep in mind while selling their paintings online. You must always make sure that whatever image of your artwork you are submitting for your portfolio to websites and online art galleries must do justice to your artwork. They must be clear, bright, and powerful. If the image that you have submitted or displayed on your website doesn’t represent your art accurately, then the chances of your artwork being sell become very low. So, you don’t have to come out of your studio and sell your art when you may do with a few clicks. Best of luck!

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