Hire Best Cakes To Your Loved One For Special Occasions

The cake is important for every occasion. And it can be sued to celebrate the party or functions with your family, friends and loved ones. So you can prefer online cake delivery in Ludhiana for your occasions. There are a number of cakes can be available in the online store. It can be so useful for you.

Types of Cakes


 It is a very popular cake among the younger generation. The cheesecakes are rapidly become the new all-time favorite cake to get surprised during midnight. This cake is thick, rich batter and it is formed by using the soft cheeses, eggs, cream, and sugar. They can range from very dense a heavy to fluffy and light cream. Online cake delivery in Ludhiana has the most cherished flavour of the cheesecake that is rocking in the market.

The cheesecake is priced to be rs. 575 for half kg. It is light and fluffy and this type of dessert flawlessly combines the tangy sweetness of the blueberries with the endless creaminess of the rich cream cheeses. Order online cake in Chandigarh can be assembled on a buttery biscuit layer and it can be garnished with the fresh cream.

Fondant Cakes

 This cake is teamster pieces as an anniversary dessert. You can get a suggestion to go with the fondant cake. It can gain the immense popularity among the crowd of the world presentation as cakes. The cakes can b made with fondant instead of using a traditional cream.

So it can play a major role in allowing the bakers to make the cakes in all shapes and sizes. This themed cake as a cake shaped in the form of a football, dinosaur, gym fondant and many other motifs. It is in the category of fondant cakes. So the birthday fondant cake can start at approximately as rs. 1500 for a kg.

Ice Cream Cake

 This ice cream cake for the cake lovers they are pretty much like the normal chocolate cake. This cake can be different in their frosting and creamed layers. It is heavier than a regular cake. And also it is crucial to refrigerate the cakes. So we have to suggest the cakes it will be better for the post-meal dessert. Order cake online in Chandigarh can be used n full-fledged for an anniversary celebration.

Fresh Fruit Cakes

 The fresh fruit cakes can bring as a dessert and make the cake as delicious of fresh. it can be like tangy fruits and it is dipped in sweet sugar syrup. They are decorated for all over the plain and fluffy vanilla frosting. Online cake delivery in Ludhiana is the, most lip-smacking fruits and they are usually used for the cakes. It can include fruits like kiwi, pineapple, orange, apples, and strawberries. You can call it as the mixed fruit cake consists with plain vanilla base generously topped with all sorts of fruits.

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