Indian Vegetarian Dishes that are a must try

Indian food is a complete package. You can enjoy the rustic and spicy taste of tandoori items and on the other hand there are some buttery and smooth delicacies that offer you a sophisticated blend of taste and purity. This is primarily the reason many of us are so allured with the Indian food that it is our ultimate solace. Sadly, there is another bunch of people who, although love Indian vegetarian restaurant Melbourne for their offerings, but do not know what to order. If you belong to the latter group, do not let the ambiguity kill the delight of your taste buds. Here are 5 awesome vegetarian Indian dishes that you can enjoy at the top Indian restaurants Melbourne

Vegetarian samosa

The king of all Indian street food, vegetarian samosa is loved by every Indian food aficionado. It is a stuffed flour pastry that has a perfect filling of spiced potatoes and peas inside. Adding an Indian touch, the pastry isn’t baked, but, deep fried in hot oil. Although, there is a baked version of this dish available, but, the taste of a deep fried vegetarian samosa is beyond comparison.

Chili Paneer

Paneer is the best delicacy that vegetarians cherish. Cheese cubes are finely cut into pieces and dipped in a batter of flour and masala. Once it is marinated, each piece is fried separately and then mixed in a special sauce which is the specialty of the chef. The taste of this dish is tantalizing as it is a mix of sweet and savory taste.

Chili Khumb

Another famous vegetarian dish, Chili Khumb is an indo-Chinese recipe, to be very honest. But, it has been lately included in the Indian food menu Melbourne and is cherished by Indian food lovers. Much like chili paneer, this delicacy is made with khumb, which is the Hindi word for Mushroom, marinated in the batter of flour and masala and then deep fried till they become golden brown in color. Then they are wok fried in a sauce of chef’s choice.

Paneer Saagwala

The tasty paneer is cooked in a sauce made of tomatoes and spinach with a lot of flavors to make it perfect. The dish is served with roti (Indian bread). There are a lot of varieties for breads but most commonly people love to eat it with tandoori roti or Naan. A dollop of butter makes the combination perfect.

Malai Kofta

The king of all Indian vegetarian delicacies, Mali Kofta is a must try in an Indian restaurant menu Melbourne. The rich and soft dumplings made of potato and cottage cheese are fried and then added to a creamy sauce made of tomato, cream and a variation of spices. The dish is very elegant with flavors of the spices well balance with the cream, to offer you a perfect sweet and savory taste.

These are the best Indian food items to try when you hit a vegetarian Indian restaurant Melbourne. We are sure that this would help you enjoy the Indian food to the best of its spirit and make fond memories around the dining table.

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