Islamic Calligraphy On Canvas

Have you been contemplating buying Islamic calligraphy canvas?In Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphywhatyou are looking for? In this kind of art, the message is either directly painted on canvas, or is first written on a paper which is later digitised and coloured. This digitised handwritten text is then printed on canvas. The colours and grainy texture of the canvas give the calligraphy a more artistic appeal. Due to the use of digital technology in colouring and printing, this kind of art is sometimes referred to as modern Islamic wall art. Also, canvas is a medium not traditionally used in Islamic wall art.

Traditional or classical Islamic wall art involves inscribing anayator a passage or a small surah from the Holy Quran on a black-coloured piece of fabric. The text is almost always sewn with a golden-coloured thread, or attached with golden beads or sequins. This match of golden and black is taken from the colours of cloth that drape the Ka’aba at the Masjid Al Haram in the holy city of Makkah. Classical Islamic wall art also comprises colourful wall carpets, usually made in Iran, Turkey, Centraland South Asia. These decorative wall rugs are overalls of dense floral motifs with Arabic text diligently stitched on to the centre.

Over time, new innovations, especially two new trends, have taken off in the world of Islamic wall art. The first iswall decals. Wall decals are stickers made of vinyl. In the front is Arabic calligraphy. The reverse sticky side is pasted on the wall, doing away with the need of framing the artwork or drilling a hole in the wall. Wall deals are priced low, and their USP lies is their focus on the text – without the distraction of frames, colours and backgrounds.

The second popular category is Islamic calligraphy on canvas. Quite apart fromwall decals, Islamic canvasart has colours and backgrounds playing a big role.

Home décor would be incomplete without colours. A stroke of colouradds life to a dull room. The saying ‘add colour to your life’ implies a person should live life with zestandzeal. It’s pretty usual now for people to paint at least one wallof a room each in their homes in a colour apart from white.

Islamic calligraphy canvasuses colours and canvas in Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy. Canvas is the medium, its artistic, grainy texture adding to the overall look of the calligraphic artwork. Islamic calligraphy art on canvas has a diverse palette – red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, magenta, brown, black, grey, et al. In some cases, multiple colours are used. In most cases though, only two hues are applied – the calligraphy and the backdrop are of different, often contrasting shades. This, is done in order to highlight the text. Because when it comes to Islamic calligraphy, the text and the deep message it reflects, is of utmost importance. Colours are only a means to draw the attention of the onlooker.

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