Save on Flipkart sale with Flipkart Gift Voucher

The festive season of Holi is going on and a lot of shopping sites are offering huge deals on their platform and Flipkart is one of them. All online and offline merchants during the week are coming out with sales in different categories like fashion, groceries, travel, electronics, and others. Since Holi is here, you may definitely want to buy something for someone. It’s a great time to plan as you can get great offers with cashbacks, discounts and gift vouchers. 

Shop Smart with Flipkart Gift Vouchers

It’s a great time to get your shopping list ready and start planning and buy Flipkart vouchers. You can easily opt for Flipkart gift cards from Cashback World and enjoy amazing offers which change from time to time. You can get promo codes by buying gift vouchers.

Using Flipkart Gift Cards

You can use Flipkart gift vouchers in two ways after buying them –

       You can choose “Pay by Gift Card” when making payment

       Simply add balance to your wallet

Read on to know about both these options.

Add balance to the wallet

You can add balance to your Flipkart wallet when you redeem the gift card. Here are the steps you need to follow –

       First of all, go to

       Sign in or register to your account.

       Select “Gift Cards” from the profile menu.

       Add a Gift Card.

       Enter the 6-digit pin number and 16-digit gift card number and click on the button “Add gift card to Account”

       You can see your gift card balance by going to the section of “Gift Cards”

Choose the option “Pay by Gift Card” while making payment

Rather than adding balance to the account, you can use gift cards instead. You can make direct payments through gift cards. Second thing you can try is that you can use gift cards rather than adding balance to the account. You can pay with a gift card directly. You can choose the “Pay by Gift Card” option from several payment options. Enter the 6-digit pin and 16-digit card number to finish the process.

Using Flipkart Gift Vouchers

You can use Flipkart gift vouchers only on Flipkart Mobile App, Flipkart website or mobile site. Here are some of the benefits of using them –

       Flipkart gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

       You can combine maximum 15 gift vouchers maximum in one order when choosing “Pay by Gift Card”.

       If order value exceeds the amount of gift voucher, the balance can be paid with other modes like net banking, debit/credit card etc.

       If order value is below the amount of gift voucher, you can use the balance to pay for the next orders.

What are the limitations of using gift cards?

       Unlike Amazon Pay balance which you can use at hundreds of its partner sites, you can use Flipkart gift cards only at Flipkart app and website.

       You cannot use gift cards to buy gift cards of other brands from the platform or for buying subscriptions of Flipkart First.

       You cannot reload or resell gift cards

       You cannot redeem gift cards for cash.

Terms and Conditions regarding Flipkart Gift Cards

        You can redeem gift cards online against listed sellers on mobile app or official website of Flipkart.

        You can buy gift cards from Flipkart mobile app or website with any payment method like net banking and debit/credit card.

        You can redeem a gift card by choosing Gift card as payment mode.

        You can combine maximum 15 gift cards in one order at checkout process.

        You cannot use gift cards to buy other gift cards.

        Gift cards have validity for 12 months from the date of purchase.

        You can redeem gift cards for credit or cash.


It goes without saying that gift vouchers come with some limitations but they have a lot of benefits. So, you can opt for Flipkart gift vouchers from Cashback World and enjoy amazing rewards. You can get the best value if you are planning to shop from Flipkart. Get your gift vouchers ready as Holi is on and don’t miss some exciting jaw dropping offers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – Is gift wrap option still available on Flipkart?

A – Yes, but it is available only for sellers with Flipkart Advantage badge.

Q – What is Gift Card?

Flipkart Gift Card is simply a prepaid online gift voucher which you can use while buying any product on Flipkart. You can choose any gift card, enter the card number of 16 digits, 6-digit pin, and click “Apply”.


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