What Are The Important Terms Used In Teer Games?

Most of us have the habit of playing lottery games to check our luck, right? Of course, there are so many lottery games are available but the game is one of the best entertaining games which is legally played in the state of Assam. It is a traditional game which is commonly played by the archers and it is very popular in the northeast of India. In this game, archers throw the arrows at the Target area and then participants choose a lucky number from 0 to 99.

 Are you thinking about why specifically candidates should choose these particular numbers, right? If so, let me tell you….!!! For example, if the number of arrows would be 4576, then the winning number would be the last two digits (ie) 76. Though you are using so many tricks, a lucky person would win the game. The game is played in two sessions at the evening time. Expect Sunday, teer game is played all the weekdays. Have a look at the following and know some important factors to be considered before playing Assam Teer game!!

What are the factors used in teer games?

Actually, playing and getting success in the teer game at the first attempt could not be so easy and possible. Unless you don’t enough knowledge of predicting the lucky number, you can able to get success in the teer game. That is why; it is necessary to know the basic factors about the game!!

  • Common numbers:

At first, predicting common numbers is one of the most important factors to be considered in the teer game. Actually, a lucky digit can be calculated by using some tricks and verifying the previous results as well. In order to predict the lucky numeral, most of the players make use of an arithmetic formula to find today’s winning number. Get ready to check the detailed information about the prediction of the common number right now!

  • Previous result:

If you are the one who wants to win a good amount, then you have to check out the past results which have been announced previously. Yes, you have to track the results of at least the previous month so that you can predict a lucky number. Actually, tracking old results will help you to get success in the first attempt. And also, you will come to know that the prediction view to get the right guessing numbers. Get ready to have a look at the past records and check out the Assam Teer previous results right now!

  • Dream number:

Not only the common digit helps you to predict the winning chance but also dream number helps you to guess the digit for the next day with a dream which you have imagined the last night. When you go through the internet you will come to what numbers should be predicted for the image you have come across on your dream. Yes, dream numbers work and help them to win a teer game for many people. Try your luck with a digit that comes on your last dream.

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