What Questions Do You Ask A Potential Wedding Venue?

Planning a dream wedding typically instigates with identifying the right venue. But, the method of finding the perfect venue can be a perplexing and time-consuming task for many. So, asking the right questions when exploring the places can help with identifying the right Sydney wedding venue.  Here we have listed a few questions that could probably help you with identifying the right venue –

Can the venue handle all your guests?

Your guest list is sure to influence the size of your wedding venue. Just imagine, if you had invited 100 guests, and your venue is all set to accommodate your expected guests. But what would happen if most of them bring in a plus one guest? Don’t freak out! Always have plans and space for your surprise guests too. Check if the wedding reception venues Sydney is adept to handle any additional numbers.

What are the Available dates?

Holidays and weekends are the most popular choices for weddings. Since the dates can be booked up to a year in advance, there are hardly any chances that you could book the venue in a short duration.  So, make sure to book the venue as soon as you decide on the dates that you think will be available. This will help you avoid disappointments at the last minute.

Is the location accessible and convenient?

Check if your guests will be able to travel to the location easily. If your wedding is to be held in your city, it could be easy easily accessible for everyone.Particularly, if you’re hosting at one of the dream waterfront wedding venues Sydney, you will have to make sure to provide necessary provisions for the guests, especially the elderly and the physically challenged who might have trouble traveling.

Does the space fit your style?

Well, to find if the space would fit your requirement, just picture yourself getting married in that venue. In case, if you are looking to hold a rustic-style wedding, a wedding reception in an elegant hotel in the city might not be of any help. Check out the architectural or décor aspects at the venue. In case if you don’t like those décor, ask if they can be removed.

How Much Time Can You Use The Space For?

The venues located at the densely populated areas will have some restrictions, especially sound limits and on the time you can use the space for. So check this out, to make any alternative plans.

Is there an In-house Catering service?

This is one of the most important questions to consider when fixing on the wedding venues. Find out if there is an in-house catering, and the exclusive menus they offer. Also, analyze the taste and presentation of food before you book the in-house catering.

Finding out the wedding venue for all of your needs can be tricky. So, next time when you search the internet for ‘wedding venues near me’ ask the right questions and you should be able to get what you require for your big day!

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