What to look for when buying a baby bathtub?

Before buying anything for a baby, a parent does a lot of research for the safety of their baby. The same applies to a baby bathtub as it might be too risky when gone unattended. Hence before buying a baby bathtub, the following are the features to be looked upon before wasting your money on so-called bathtubs which are piled up in the market.

Types of baby bathtub

The baby bathtub’s main aspect to be taken care of is the type of tub to be purchased. Baby tubs come in different types. The different types available in the market are standard tub which as the name refers is of standard size with no interesting features. The standard tubs are smaller in size and come with a design making the baby easier to sit in an upright position without hurting its back. The convertible tubs are one which helps for the growing baby and adjusts according to the baby’s growth.

The foldable one is preferred during travel as they can be easily transported or stored with ease. Inflatable tubs are handy too during travel but when it comes to inflating it, some might find it difficult. Luxury tubs are for a luxurious baby who enjoys their bath time in a sophisticated bathtub with n number of features making the baby exciting and happy. The features available in spa bathtubs are motorized water jet, comes with whistling sounds and small movements to ease the baby. They cost higher when compared to standard tubs but when it comes to luxury, there is no compromise.


When it comes to buying a good baby bathtub, parents tend to hesitate to invest a lot of money on it. But with luxury comes sophistication and with added features in the bathtub, the cost goes higher. Standard bathtubs are cheaper than luxury tubs and depending upon the parents’ need and budget, the tubs can be chosen.

Additional features

Some bathtubs have additional features like temperature gauges to monitor the temperature of the water for the safety of the baby. A smoother rim makes the baby comfortable and prevents from getting hurt.


The appropriate size of the bathtub is to be chosen for your baby and never go for a smaller one or a bigger one as they both can hurt your baby. Bigger bathtubs have the risk of drowning your baby and smaller ones might have no room for the baby to enjoy the bath time making it uncomfortable and irritating. The cleaning process should be easy when it comes to maintaining a good bathtub for the baby.

Say no to second hand

If you have plans on cutting costs on buying a new bathtub, some may prefer buying a second hand but not advisable. The health of the baby relies on the bathtub and never would a parent take risk in such things. Even after considering the prospects of buying a second-hand bathtub, make sure it is completely safe for the baby by cleaning it thoroughly and is of good condition.

Even though your bathtubs are safe to use for your children, never leave them alone in their tub. Stay always close to the children during bath time and enjoy their happiness. The safety of the baby should never be compromised.

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