Sherwani is a long Indian garment which is worn in the Indian subcontinent. It is similar to the British regime worn frock overcoat. It is worn over a kurta and is often paired with salwar, churidar, dhoti or a pajama which are apt for the lower bottom wear. Sherwanis’ are often made from heavy fabrics and a firmer lining which holds the fabric better so that the fitting is close to the body.
Sherwani is popular among Indians and is used as the to-go festive wear for any occasion. Men in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu, Hyderabad, Maharashtra and many other Indian countries are known to wear Sherwanis since they are the most Indian form of extravagant clothing.
The Sherwani originated in the 19th century during the British era. It appeared as a fusion of western elements and Indian fabrics. Materials like Khadi and cotton were used in the start. Nowadays the materials range from synthetic fibers, nylon, rayon, silk, and velvet. Changing times have brought about changing fashions which on impulse affect clothing to wear for both men and women. Therefore, the Sherwani is no more limited to plain designs and usual fabrics. They have changed over time to create much more intricate detailing, heavier silkier fabrics, and jeweled seams.
It was first worn by Indian emperors and the aristocrats, but later became a special form of traditional wear meant for all.
Achkan Sherwani is a knee length jacket worn by men, particularly in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The achkan Sherwani is differentiated from the regular Sherwani because the achkan is much longer than a Sherwani.
In Srilanka, the Sherwani was worn as a formal uniform during the British colonial period. Eventually, most Sherwanis became the Indian style for festive wear.
Sherwanis are popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan as well. 
Sherwanis have been designed by designer Rohit Bal for British Airways cabin crew that serve flights in India. This is a proud initiative. Furthermore, world-renowned music artists like A.R Rahman have accepted academy awards on foreign soil wearing a Sherwani.  also that we are glad that we can all now buy even Sherwani Online.
Sherwanis are not always for men. Some fashion labels also create Sherwani styled outfits for women. An example of this is Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who’s a Pakistani filmmaker and activist. She received her academy award in 2012 and 2015 wearing sherwani styled outfits.
Sherwanis come in a range of fabrics, styles, choices, material, and sizes. Old men, the youth, young boys, and toddlers have all been accustomed to the Sherwani in Indian culture.
Materials like silk, cotton, a variety of textile fabrics, nylon, synthetic fibers, rayon, crepe, chiffon and many more have been used to create Sherwanis over a period of time. Change is prominent especially since Sherwanis were always made using khadi or cotton as mentioned earlier. Fabrics can also be printed using patterns and raised designs which further accentuate the beauty of these Indian dresses for men.
Sherwanis are more than a bundle of fabrics with designs. They are worn with the sentimental value of spokesmen like Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah who further carried on the tradition of the timeless pieces in the history of Indian clothes. Sherwanis are loved by men and children alike because of its ethereal beauty, coarse resilient fabric, opaque authenticity, firm lining and loose yet snugly fitting form.
There are a number of Sherwanis created by designers and independent fashion labels or houses, therefore, the perfect choice is right around the corner waiting for you.

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