4 Vital Home Appliances Needed When Moving into a New Home

When you purchase or get a dream home constructed, and then moving into it is one of the greatest accomplishments of your life. You also ensure that the house has enough appliances to make it comfortable for your family to have an easy life.

Some of the most essential home appliances that you need to have in your home include the fridge, air cooler, washing machine, TV and the air conditioner. Such home appliances can make your life comfortable in many ways.

If you are not convinced, then here is a post that will inform about the vital home appliances and reasons to have them in your home. Read on!

Vital home appliances and reasons to have them in a home

  • Refrigerators

A refrigerator or a fridge is one of the commonest home appliances that you can see in every household these days. A fridge comes in multiple capacities, and you can select one as per your needs and budget. A bachelor can pick up a mini fridge (50-80 liters), a couple or small family single door (190+ liters) and a large family (230+ liters). A fridge can help you in the proper storage of perishable items such as veggies and fruits. You can also enjoy a chilled glass of water, juices, ice creams, ice cubes and more during the summer to make the season enjoyable. The price of a refrigerator starts at around Rs.6,500 and can go up to Rs.50,000 and beyond.

  • Air coolers

Air coolers are an economical and energy-efficient machine to make your room cool if you can’t afford the air conditioner. You can buy a personal cooler to desert cooler as per your requirements and the area that you wish to make cool. An air cooler uses only 30% more power than a ceiling fan and 80% lower than that of an AC. Hence, buying an air cooler will not escalate your overall power bills.

  • TVs

Who does not like to enjoy his/her favourite programs on a TV such as comedy shows, movies, cricket matches, news and more? Sitting in front of a widescreen LED TV and watching an exciting game of cricket with a family is what people love. Hence, if you are looking to have a great pleasure time by watching IPL matches, upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup matches and more, then a TV will help you. What’s more, you can also access the internet and Netflix and other content right on a Smart TV. Buying an LED TV is affordable these days as the price starts at around Rs.10,000 only.

  • ACs

If you can afford it, nothing can give you the respite from the hot and humid conditions better than air conditioners (AC). You can keep off higher power bills issues by purchasing an AC with more Star Rating. Based on your preferences, you can buy a window or split AC from leading brands in India. The price of ACs starts at around Rs.25,000 and may go up to Rs..50,000+ as per their cooling capacities.

Buy home appliances on affordable EMIs

Everyone moving into a new home should have the discussed home appliances to make their lives easier and comfortable. Buying such home appliances won’t burden your budget if you can get them using the No Cost EMI facility.

All that you need to do is spread the cost of a home appliance over a tenor to pay only an exact EMI per month and nothing extra at all. The No Cost EMI facility is available in India across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

You can also avail the Special Summer Offer provided by Bajaj Finserv on home appliances.

  • You can get an Insta Credit of up to Rs.5,000 and Rs.7,000 into the Bajaj Finserv Wallets on buying an AC worth Rs.20,000 and Rs.40,000. You can use the Insta Credit to pay off your electricity bills on affordable EMIs.
  • The EMIs for buying an LG AC starts only at Rs.1,999.
  • A cashback of Rs.1,000 could be grabbed on buying a fridge worth Rs.20,000.
  • You can also receive a cashback of Rs.1,000 for purchasing a TV worth Rs.20,000.
  • For shopping for an air cooler worth Rs.10,000, you can get a cashback of Rs.500.

It is a limited period offer and is active from 1st April 2019 to 30th June 2019.

Hence, if you are looking to purchase any LED TV on EMIs and other home appliances, then it is now possible via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

You need to visit any of the 60,000+ local outlets in 1300+ cities in India across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Once in, you can choose any of the preferred home appliances and 1 million+ products and swipe the EMI Network Card to complete the shopping.

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