How to Set Up your Own Slipper Manufacturing Unit

Slippers are the quintessential piece of very useful footwear found in every home and are used by men, women, and kids of every age, rural or urban region,  religion, caste and creed without any sort of discrimination. They are popular all over the world with India being the largest global producer of slippers.

They are small lightweight footwear made up most commonly from rubber, though many other types of materials may also be used to make slippers like fabrics, jute, leather, foam and sometimes even wood. This use of various materials and not just rubber makes them not just a necessity but bridges the gap between them being used indoors to be now being flaunted as fashion accessories that are available in various designs.

Any slipper manufacturer India may boast of will let you know that it is a very simple process and some of the slipper manufacturer companies India has are small scale units. One needs a very simple machine, the rubber sheet as the raw material and a strict quality process to start producing slippers especially if you plan to export your products. Simple registration of your small firm as a small scale unit with the local municipal authority will allow you to set up a unit and start the work. And as with any sort of business you shall need to have your finances in place for it where angel investing can help.

A slipper making unit can be set up as soon as you can answer some basic questions like how much capital do you require, what machines you need to install and who will supply you these machines, from where can you source the raw material, etc. Before installing the machines though a layout plan will need to be sanctioned by the authorities who will allow you to use the electricity and water resources required.

As per your choice of market and the type of product you want to produce, you can order a production unit machine installed. Some additional and easy to find machines may also be required like a flatbed sewing machine with a motor, a drilling machine, a stapling machine, cutting dies of different shapes and sizes and various small hand-operated tools.

The raw material majorly used for slipper manufacturing is sourced from rubber sheets and you will also need packaging materials for the final slippers. These raw materials are easily available in your local wholesale markets or any of the slipper manufacturer companies India houses can help you locate them.

The slipper making process is fairly simple where you press and cut the rubber sheet into the desired shape with the molds. The straps and the bottom parts are cut separately and then fixed together after drilling the desired holes with a machine. If you are planning to sell these slippers locally, then no quality specifications are available at present but for export orders each buyer has their own specifications.

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