Tips for restoring whiteboards and extending their life

It is necessary to store your whiteboards Perth when you aren’t using them. Also, you should not dispose of your old whiteboards. We are going to describe different ways to restore your whiteboards that have become troublesome to erase or the ones that require constant cleaning.

Restore the board

You should restore your erasers by beating, brushing and vacuuming. Most whiteboard cleaning problems start with a dirty eraser so it is important to beat them out and remove all the dirt from the erasers. You should then try to erase the whiteboard with your clean eraser. If there are still marks on your whiteboard, don’t sweat about it.

Use a paper towel and a whiteboard cleaner to remove tough stains from the whiteboard.

Keep the board clean

You should avoid using scratching or abrasive motions to clean your whiteboards including the magnetic whiteboards. It is important to keep the whiteboard’s surface nonporous because this is what allows the ink to be cleaned from the surface easily.

Clean the whiteboard after every week

You should maintain regular cleaning at the end of every week. Use a dry towel and a whiteboard cleaner to clean the whiteboard. It is important to maintain regular cleaning to prevent the whiteboard from going back to its former state that needs restoration. You will need a light spray of whiteboard cleaner and a clean towel to remove the marks before they set it. This can keep the whiteboard clean for years to come.

Remove ghost marks

You can remove permanent marks or ghost marks from your whiteboard Perth by covering the whiteboard in black erasable marker and then erasing the ink quickly while it is still wet. This process will loosen the permanent marker or the ghost marks temporarily to allow you to erase them quickly with a clean and dry eraser.

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