Tips to Throw a Surprise Party for Your Best Friend

Birthdays are that special time that comes every year where you want to make the most of your day with your loved ones and your friends. Surprise birthday parties are exciting not just for the person whose birthday it is but also for the guests invited at that party! Are you planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend’s birthday? Here is a quick checklist to help you with the entire planning and execution of the birthday party –

The main birthday cake

when ordering a birthday cake for your best friend, ensure you get her favorite flavor and also check for any allergens that she might be allergic too. Very few reputed bakeries prepare customized cakes and chocolates for their customers when it comes to allergies to ingredients. Ensure you find a good reputed bakery for the cake so that you do not take a huge risk with the cake just to cut costs. You can also get themed cake with different shapes and decorations for the party.

Birthday party décor

There are a lot of different birthday décor items that you can use for the party such as ribbons, balloons, confetti, birthday masks and caps etc. You can order for a customized helium balloons delivery in Jaipur or any part of India when you order from any online gift shop in India. The best part about shopping for birthday party decorations online is that they are generally cheaper and delivered right to your doorstep! Many gifting stores have these items online along with gifts in Jaipur for decoration.

Guest list planning

When sorting out the guest list for your best friend’s birthday party, ensure you call only the nearest and closest friends. Most of the times, a lot of people at the party can create a mess and who knows, maybe your best friend isn’t even in good terms with a certain friend that you might have invited! Avoid such risks, keep a check on the friends she always talks about, and plan it out accordingly. You can take the help of your best friend’s parents and siblings in planning the guest list too.

Birthday gift

You can either purchase a birthday gift from your side for your bestie or simply ask the family and closest friends to pitch in so that you can buy a better and bigger present! For example, if she has been eyeing a certain electronic item such a hair styling kit, an old school vinyl record player or such expensive items, pitching in can help you all in purchasing that present for her. This will be much better than buying smaller individual items that ending up coming to the same costs anyway! Many reputed and affordable gifting stores have some of the best collector’s items and mother’s day gifts in Jaipur that you can browse through for a birthday gift. Ensure whatever it is that you end up purchasing for your bestie is extremely thoughtful and something she will use in her everyday life.

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