Some Amazing Indian Sweets That Are Perfect to Enjoy a Sinful Delight

Indian sweets are something that everyone craves for, any meal is just incomplete if not served with authentic Indian mithai at the end. Ranging from Vegetables to fruits, grains to milk everything is used to prepare these mouth-watering Indian sweet dishes. Not only Indians are crazy about these sweets, but the taste and flavors of these desserts have made even foreigners mad about them. Most of them can be found looking for “Indian sweet shop near me” on their phones.

So for all those who love to eat one of these mithai at the end of every meal, here are some of the top mouthwatering sweet dishes to look for in foreign land:


One of the most loved Indian dessert that you will find in almost every best Indian restaurant. It tastes best when served chilled, garnished and topped with dried fruits. It is so soft that it melts the moment you put it in your mouth. This is one of the best desserts to have in summers, not only it will give you relief from soaring temperatures but will also fill your mouth and heart with exquisite Indian flavors.

Gulab Jamun:

Another Indian Mithai which is loved by almost everyone is Gulab Jamun. Unlike RasMalai, it is best served when hot. It is the perfect dessert for winters but also tastes good when eaten at room temperature. People from all age groups love to have one of these. These GulabJamuns come in various sizes and the best gulabjamuns are those which melt in the mouth within no time.

Jalebi Rabri:

The list of Indian sweets and desserts is incomplete if Jalebi Rabriis not added in the same. Jalebi dipped in sugar syrup and served with Rabri is treat to our taste buds. The hot and crispy jalebi is the perfect dessert that you can eat and can never get tired off having the same.

Variety of Burfi’s:

Be it badam barfi, khoya barfi or Kaju katli, each variety of Barfi has its own uniqueness and is a blessing to those who have sweet tooth. The best part about these barfis is that it can easily be prepared at home as well.


Like we have a different variety of Burfi’s, for summers India has a good variety of Kulfi’s which kids love to have. These kulfis are any day better than the ice creams that we have, it imbibes freshness, Indian culture and the right amount of flavor that is required to complete any cuisine. Restaurants blend these traditional Kulfi’s with their professional touch and make them something which no one can resist to have.

These sweet dishes and mithai are an integral part of Indian food Truganina. The list of Indian sweets is never ending, mentioned above are just some of the exquisite sweet delicacies but apart from these, there are hundreds of sweets that you can try from one of the best Indian restaurants near you.

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