9Apps? What is that?

9Apps is a highly popular and globally known android app distribution platform. It is a part of the portfolio of the extremely famous Chinese company, the Alibaba Group of Companies.  9Apps, much like the Google play store, provides users with a platform from where they can access multiple apps that are highly secure.

9Apps has made its presence felt outside China as well and has an extremely high number of users in many countries such as India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, to name a few. The popularity that this particular application enjoys should be clear from the above picture.

What does 9Apps do?

9Apps is an alternative to the Google play store and the Apple store. It lets the user search for, view and download any application, pertaining to any need of the user. What’s even better is that it occupies lesser precious storage space on a gadget than any of its counterparts and delivers the same or even better results. Moreover, it doesn’t charge any money, in the form of premium, to download an app, nor does it carry any hidden charges. Unlike common beliefs, it is not limited to only Chinese apps but, displays apps from all around the globe.

What are the features of 9Apps?

There are many salient features of 9Apps that make choosing it a prudent choice, some of which are:

. It is extremely user-friendly. The application in itself is very organized and categorized, making it very easy to navigate and use. This helps users save very valuable time that they can spend on other tasks, which would have been normally spent trying to figure out how to operate and download an application

. It does not just limit itself to a various application but also has a range of wallpapers, ringtones, alarm tones and other inbuilt features of a phone that are more often than not unsatisfactory. So, by using 9Apps, a customer can kill two birds with one stone, by downloading the necessary app and also getting wallpapers and themes that make the whole experience of using a smartphone more enjoyable.

. Like its competitors, 9Apps also uses previous search history and downloaded applications to present the consumer with a list of applications that may help satisfy the consumer.

. The whole process of downloading an application is very easy and moreover, after the application has been downloaded once, there is no need to install it over and over again, because the original application is downloaded directly.

. Every single application on the site comes with users rating, customer reviews, guided tours of the application, descriptions and so on, which not only help the customer decide what application to install, but also make sure the customer knows how to operate the application, and its shortcomings if any

All in all, the 9App site is an absolute delight to those users who download applications frequently. Both accessing the site, and downloading applications from the site are easy, hassle-free process and enhance consumer satisfaction.

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