Failures of Installation and Maintenance of Video Surveillance Cameras to Avoid

Administrators of office and residential properties know that a warmer climate means more activity in the work areas, community pool, gym and recreation room. This hustle and bustle is a good opportunity to show the services of the property, since the guests welcome spend the night or the weekend. However, with the warmer weather, guests are not welcome at parties, enjoying the pool or stealing valuables with CCTV for vehicle.

To protect residents from these intruders, most property managers invest in business security systems that include an HD-quality video surveillance and access control system. The most advanced systems are integrated with the building’s IP network, which allows all security components to work together. However, IP video networks and HD resolution have little impact if the installation and maintenance of the video camera are poor.

Here are the three main failures of installation and maintenance of video surveillance for industries should avoid:

  1. Unfocused Lens: Like any camera, the objective of a security camera must be focused and unobstructed to provide high quality images. In addition to checking the quality of the installation, be sure to alert the maintenance person of any mechanical problems or obstructions due to dust, dirt or insects adhering to the lens.
  2. Down Angle: Your camera can have a high resolution, but an extreme angle from top to bottom will limit the field of view and prevent any recognition.
  3. Wide Angle: HD cameras are great for capturing details, but that only applies if the lens is focused on areas that can produce useful images.

How to set Video Surveillance for industries?

Managing a business that has multiple locations or facilities can pose some security challenges. It requires that you keep track of the comings and goings of visitors and employees, as well as the safety of inventory, assets and customers in multiple locations. Fortunately, keeping track of all these things can be made easy with the right tools and knowledge.

  1. Install an access control system

One of the biggest security problems facing companies with multiple locations is the large number of people entering and leaving. One way to ensure access of the right people to the right places, at the right times, is with an access control alarm system.

  1. Use remote access monitoring

Have you ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? Well, thanks to remote access technology you can do it. Remote access allows you to manage your security system through an application on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.

  1. Use the same technology in all locations

Standardization is important when managing the security of multiple locations. Having a configuration of cameras, alarms, sensors and other components that you can implement in each of your locations saves a lot of time and hassle. If you are interested in using remote access monitoring technology, it is much easier to do it with standardized systems composed of compatible components.

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