Know About the Meanings of the Terms of VIN of Your BMW

Regarding this VIN, you must read a lot of blogs everywhere on the Internet. Regarding how it is the unique identification number of every vehicle and how it helps in different occasions. But, how much do you know about the terms of your BMW VIN lookup? You will get to know a fairly good deal about that.

  • Subtype Of The Body

The decoded messages from VIN Decoders and Check Tools give you a pretty good deal of knowledge that helps you in different official occasions. However, not always, the data are identical from all of the processes.

  • Type Of The Body

Body type is more of like the ‘vehicle type’. It refers to the type of the vehicle, whether it is a truck or a four-wheeler like a Sedan, Hatchback or an SUV.

  • Type Of The Cab

It means about the kind of body or ‘cab’, which carries the people inside. Whether it is a truck, or a bus or a car, it has three categories – the Regular, the Extended and the Crew.

  • Type Of The Drive

Shows the type of wheels like whether it is an FWD (Front-Wheel Drive), RWD (Rear-Wheel Drive) or a 4X4. The engine gives power to it.

  • Additional Features

This describes all the additional features installed or any added optional equipment to your BMW car.

  • Go Green Data

This is one important data, which it provides. You can get to know about the mileage of your car. It also shows the pollution or emission ratings of your car.

  • Average Rating Of Vehicle Weight

This shows the gross weight of the vehicle. Remember, the gross weight rating includes the weight of the passengers, fuel and cargo of the vehicle.

  • Maker Of The Vehicle

Well, this tells you about the company or the brand under which the manufacturer sold the vehicle. Although most of the times both of them are the same but exceptions are there.

  • Specs Of The Vehicle

This one is a used term in the industry. By specs, it refers to the detailed configuration of the vehicle, which includes everything.

  • Type Of The Vehicle

This one is almost the same as the body type point. This refers to show if the vehicle is a sedan, truck, bus or an SUV.

  • Decoding the VIN

The most famous term among all of these is this. This is the process of decoding the Vehicle Identification Number, which is a unique number of every vehicle.

  • Explosion Of The VIN

This is the term used when the addition of additional info occurs in the VIN, which is not entitled to the VIN.

  • Pattern Of The VIN

Every VIN has a pattern of the encoded message, which might vary from company to company. The pattern of the seventeen digits of the VIN is the one that needs to be decoded.

Decoding a VIN is more than just calling it hard. You need an expert or professional help to do your BMW VIN lookup.

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