Know about the OTP service provider in India

Online security and data protection is acute in this digital world and has become most important for digital businesses. OTP services based two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to all of your online based transactions and is essential to keeping your data protected.OTP authentication is safer than using password-based authentication since OTP is not susceptible to replay attacks because an OTP expires for a single session. The risk of fraud is drastically reduced to if the customer doesn’t only have to fill in user name and password. OTP services help in the authentication and verification process. OTP codes are unique for every single user and every single login session on any digital device.

Choosing OTP Providers

SMS are known for their reliability. By sending OTP via SMS, make sure to reach the customers wherever they are. Even when the customers don’t have access to the internet they can still use authentication solution. With the increase in cyber-crime attacks, OTP has become more popular and gained much attention nowadays. There are many OTP providers in India. You can choose one of the best and reliable OTP providers for your businesses. Authenticating the customers over the phone or on your website is the most important factor of your businesses. Nowadays, most of the businesses rely on SMS authentication to verify their customers. They send OTP codes via SMS to their users when he/she wants to initiate any transaction on their website or over the mobile phone. When websites want to identify and authenticate a user, they create a random code or characters and send OTP to the customer’s registered mobile number. Once the customer receives the generated random code, the user has to enter the OTP details to authenticate themselves.

Need for OTP Services

If you own a website, you can use these services for several transactions like reset/change of password, forgot password, new user registration/sign up, adding and withdrawal of funds, download important documents and many more. Banks and online payment gateways are also using this OTP service to authenticate their customers to make their transactions on their website or Internet banking in a safer and comfortable way. Let’s see how it works, if a user has forgotten the password and would like reset/change the password, then the user validates account credentials and then you as a business/enterprise have to send an OTP via SMS. Once the user receives the code in their registered mobile number and enters to validate on your website. Hence, you are protecting the customer’s account and their transactions.


Due to the rise in the number of attackers/hackers, almost all the banks, the website uses OTP for authentication of the transaction and several online activities. The use of OTP service minimizes the risk of associated with the security and safety of our online transactions. Authenticating the customers/users using OTP service via SMS has been the most secure platform for your businesses. If you are not using this feature, implement now. There are many OTP service provider in India, choose the one which provides secured route and instant delivery status for your businesses.

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