New Tech Tools for Event Registration in 2019

Now a days, use of technology becomes the main source of success in every field. The field of business getting profit and revenue with the help of advance technology. Technology has changed the way of business and business events. Use of technology with the business strategy is the reason for successful business. Internet expert and professionals predicted that in near future technology electronic devices such as iPad’s, tablets, and mobiles become the main source of connectivity between the people of worldwide and it is happening. With the revolution in technology, these electronic devices are playing key roles in different sectors. Even Phone Count announce that 11th June will be “Everyone connecting day” or the day when the iPad’s, mobile phones will be equal to the human population.

Business event industry is emerging progressively.Events became a very famous and powerful tool for company sales and services, brand identity and the most important customer relationship with the company.Statista experts and professionals research on event industry and they release this amount of figures, which tells, in 2015, the event industry yields $29.3 billion dollars from worldwide as well as, $30.3 billion dollars produced from event industry in 2016. The number of income figures is growing every year. 14.4% revenue produced from European markets, 43.6% from the United States market, and 5.8% from UK etc.

Event Registration earns 48% of the total event revenue. Therefore the most important part of the event is attendee’s registration. In the past, event organizers and companies used paper and pen for event registration at the place where event is taking place.Only the people who are available on the spot, they could register themselves. Companies have limited access to their clients and customers, they always need a middle man for the approach to their customers. But technology changed the shape of event rules and regulations. Advance technology made it very convenient and profitable for business organizations. But one thing sure, event organizers team must need iPad’s, tablets for attendees online registration. Usually, most of companies hire the iPad’s from iPad hire for events companies for short terms of the period at a very cheap price. Which reduces the expensive of events.

Tech tools which should use for event registration:

  • Event Mobile app
  • Event website
  • Social media registration

Event Mobile app

 Event mobile app is an essential factor in event registration. Mobile app just not give the registration option to the audience and attendees, through the app, people could check the location of the event, information and updates about event, details of sessions and organizers. This app will be highly effective for online event registration. But make sure one thing, the app should be easy to understand and use for attendees.

Social media registration

Social media marketing became popular and powerful tool for the event. Registration of event through social media is a highly effective step. Social media platform such as Facebook event page, Twitter, and Instagram event page could be the reason of event popularity also the opportunity to communicate with attendees directly. Use of social media is a necessary part in events because social media also cover the whole media marketing plans. Therefore use of iPad is a must in any event. Companies provide iPad’s to their employees for social media marketing of event. If the event location is London (England) than getting iPad on rent from iPad Rental London companies is very simple. Rental companies provide rental services for short terms of a period.

Event website

Event website is an important digital tool for attendees and customers to get information about your upcoming affair. People could register themselves through the website and buy tickets online. People take seriously of these events organizers who make their own event app and website.

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