Scope of embedded systems and VLSI and salary offered

When it comes to studying VLSI technology, there is a genuine need for each and every student to know the scope of the program and the salary offered after successful completion of the course.

Difference between VLSI technology & Embedded system

The qualified and learned counselors employed at the top vlsi training in Bangalore will be able to show the difference that exists between the top. Few points of difference are given below for better understanding and to make the correct approach.

  • Any computing platform performing specialized or dedicated tasks is considered to be Embedded system. The general purpose PC is able to perform multiple tasks and is regarded to be combination of several complex modules. Moreover, the embedded system is said to be simple in application and design, with not much unnecessary hardware to it.
  • VLSI is considered to be the short term for ‘Very Large Scale Integration’. It helps to furnish useful information on design complexity related to any integrated circuit through ideas provided on the used number of transistors within the circuit. Hence, VLSI is termed to be the procedure to create integrated circuits, which is derived through combination of transistors in thousands into single chip.
  • Also, VLSI is regarded to be a manufacturing technique which is used for creating entire range of embedded system setups. It also comes across as base level niche field to fuel up several frontiers to promote the industry’s growth.

With VLSI, there are plenty of career opportunities in the country and more abroad. It is necessary for the individual to first understand his/her area and level of interest and accordingly act towards improvising the skills that will be necessary to excel professionally, be it in Embedded System or in VLSI technology.

Vast opportunities

It can be safely stated that VLSI technology has managed to open up career opportunities in design implementation, design analysis, verification, computer aided designing, testing and simulation. Also, the candidate on successful completion of the course from the best vlsi institutes in Bangalore is in a position to much better salary package when compared to joining jobs in embedded systems.

Undergoing courses

In majority of the Indian universities, VLSI courses are stated to be outdated. Such courses even are being taught in the last two semesters. Hence, the demand for chip design industry definitely outstrips supply offered by Indian institutions. This is one major reason that students can try their luck to undergo this course and find plenty of opportunities. Therefore having qualifications like B.E., B.Tech and M.Tech will no more be sufficient to get that dream job especially in a core domain such as VLSI.

The best VLSI related jobs can be got and a successful career be built in the domain only if the candidate is able attain the best skills needed by today’s advanced semiconductor companies. It will always be useful to join the top rated institute in the market that offers cutting edge materials and placement offers within its campus.

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