The community portal that can help your business grow

Salesforce community portal is a user-friendly interface that allows users to login with a password in order to access information on the Salesforce. It is one of the latest services offered by Salesforce, the community portal, and has a brilliant interface. The other existing portals are Salesforce Portal and Customer Portals with nominal differences amongst them. The community portal has infused the Customer and Partner portal into one for the better. One of the utilities of using the portal is that you can listen to what your customers are saying round the clock. You can furthermore, access the portal from any device backed with an Internet connection. This is one of the exemplary ways of staying connected with your customers, ensuring a stronger bond. It also caters to the new expectation of customers whose experiences are shaped by social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter.

Creation of user profile helps you to streamline the tabs, fields, records, and objects that other users can see. You can decide the extent of access to new information, and edit them whenever the need arises. The portal comes at an affordable rate and has built a reputation in the market for providing good quality support. The in-built framework offers great value along with in-house solutions. However, if you wish to optimize it for your mobile screen, get hold of a responsive consulting partner.

Since the community portal gives your business and services a definite shape, it is a crucial tool in the competitive market. You can achieve better product differentiation with the successful use of this portal. Additionally, you can expect to give birth to amazing customer experiences instrumental for your business goals. On this portal, you can also rethink your business and create inventive ideas for your upcoming product. The portal is really indispensable and ensures smooth collaboration with resellers, partners, and distributors. In the end, each of these parties can help you boost your revenue and earn more profits.

The implementation of Salesforce partner community portal implementation can be done easily once you decide on it. Make sure to give a unique name to the domain, and select “enable communities”. Furthermore, you can maintain multiple communities within the portal, and select particular members who would have permission to participate. The overall experience is amazing and establishes a mutual feeling of trust. Once you create the profile, you can see leads, accounts, your contacts, and Home. You can customize it with your website to boost brand name and make it look professional.

The portal strives to save your time by letting you create your community and help them access your knowledge base. You can end up saving a lot of money by connecting with your customers on these platforms, engaging them into a coherent dialogue. It would make a live agent look absolutely redundant.

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