The importance of knowing about VLSI

VLSI refers to Very Large Scale Integration. When thousands of transistors are combined into a single chip to create integrated circuits, then the process is called VLSI. The process dates back to the time of the 1970s when complex communication and semiconductor technologies had started to develop. One example of the VLSI device is the microprocessor. Before this VLSI was introduced, most of the circuits had a fixed number of functions that they could perform.

It is because of this VLSI technology that today’s computer takes less space and works faster. We all know that the computers which were made primarily took up the space of an entire room and though they performed difficult calculations quite quickly, they stand in no competition with the modern day ones. The introduction of a single circuit chip had changed the face of technology rapidly.

Given the fact that VLSI designs work towards reducing the size of the circuits, the designs also reduce the effective cost of that particular product as well. The circuits created by VLSI designs operate very fast and consume less power. They also come in quite a small size. The different branches of engineering where VLSI chips are used are Digital Signal Processing, Voice and Data Communication Networks, Commercial Electronics, Computers, Medicine, Automobiles and many more. In order to become a part of this industry, one needs to have strong knowledge in the basic fields of engineering.

If you are someone who is an engineering student and have an interest in electronics, then you can opt for VLSI courses. In that case, your best option would be to consult VLSI institute in Bangalore. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind if you want to pursue a career in the VLSI field. First of all, you will need a degree in electrical or Computer engineering; the degree should preferably be a Masters as that would increase your chances of getting hired by top-notch companies at the end of the course. You need to have a high GPA and if you wish to go to foreign universities then you would have to score well in GRE as well. However, it will be better if you simply focus on getting a high GPS as that would smoothen your road towards building a career out of the VLSI field.

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