Understanding Big Data Analytics

We often come across terms that we use frequently but do not really know its perfect definition. One such word that has dominated our life since the turn of the century is big data. Big data is the complex process of examining colossal amount of both structured and unstructured data, generated from a variety of source.

Tools of big data analysis

In a competitive market, businesses are using big data analytics to predict sales, statistical algorithms to understand market trend and thus provide them with greater revenue generation, effective marketing, better customer service and overall efficiency. Big data analytics course would teach you how to use the different tools and technologies that are involved:

  • Hadoop
  • YARN
  • Spark
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • HDFS- Hadoop File Distributed System
  • NoSQL

Application of Big Data in different fields

Big data analysis is finding application in areas that you couldn’t probably fathom a couple of years ago. We thought agriculture is a field that is devoid of technological advancement but not anymore. Since 2012, there has been increase of over 80% by investors, as they have realised that big data can help revolutionise the supply chain from farm to fridge.

These tools help to understand the yield, soil condition, weather, crop condition, seed preservation and understand the nutrient level of every produce. There is a huge scope for growth globally, around 12% by 2022, and can lead to increase in production and minimising of wastage.

Big data in health care and bioinfometrics

Health care is a field that has often relegated to using technology to serve patients better.  With complicated lifestyles and environmental factors taken into consideration, an interdisciplinary approach, called bioinformatic, which uses software tools to understand the humans and their anomalies at a molecular level. Big data analysis is now being used to understand the complexities and generate predictive models to stop epidemics. In health care it’s used to store patient profile, help in surgeries and medication.s

Social media marketing is ruled by analytics

Social media is ubiquitous around us- facebook, twitter, instagram, we are driven by it. About 60% of the total data generation is through social media usage. So when such huge proportions of data are involved, big data analysis will find its application in this field. Social media marketing is a huge revenue generating sector.

Big data analysis helps to recognising a users personality, which will help in brands provide you with a holistic approach, and helps in targeting potential customers with specific products and services of their interest. Products viability can also be understood by tapping into the data collected from social media feeds, and running algorithms and help in improving the market for your brand.

So, there is vast opportunity and scope for growth, in different sectors. Big data analytics course can open up employment opportunities and give you an edge over your peers. With application in plethora of industries, it gives you a scope to do something interesting. So, if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, rush to your nearest institute.

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