Ways to Increase Event Attendee Engagement in cooperate events With Mobile Technology

Every company beneficiary and owner wants their business event to be successful. Because if they will deliver best to their attendees, they will get the fruitful result from their audience. Mobiletechnology changed the way of business events. The effective mobile technology needs the linkage of mobile technology strategy with the business strategy.

The business events industry is rising all around the world. According to Meeting Experts International, business events increases$115 billionin United States gross domestic product (GDP), with successive billions intensive to both state and federal tax revenue. The business events, field isn’t just growing in the U.S., though it’s also accomplishment bigger in nations like the England and Japan.

Successful business events can be a main benefit for your company. But they’re a heavy investment. That includes everything that much detail, planning and business strategy means the chance of disappointing attendees is higher and it could be keeping your event organizers and manager up at night. But with the mobile technology your business event helps update the whole user experience and gives your team mentally relaxation.

Engagement, or getting someone’s attention, is what business meetings and events are all about. The importance ofattendee engagement is a recent trend in itself, accompanied by the growth of technology. Through mobile technology tools, attendee tracking, social media marketing, email marketing, and more, engagement are possible.Now attendee engagement in the business event is not impossible. Because now through the mobile and business strategy implementation, we could succeed to get the audience engaged in business events.

In recent years, attendee engagement has become identical with mobile technology, but that’s just one side of the paper. Engagement is alsoabout including attendees in the business eventdiscussion. Most of the companies, especially in London (England) are using mobile Technology for successful business events and they get the results which they expected from their business events.

Here are some simple ways to engage the attendee in business events:

  • IPad& Related Technology availability
  • Social media marketing
  • Chatbots

IPad & Related Technology availability

In your business event, you should must provide IPad and related technology to your every attendee. Because they need to use social media and other related app during the events. It will engage your attendee in your business event. You will get expected result from your business events. Company don’t need to buy iPad for your entire audience. If your business event is held in London (England), than it will be very easy for you to get iPad. You could IPad hire from IPad hirecompanies.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing should must use during the event. Social media marketing is the perfect mobile technology tool to use to engage the audience during your event.

Here are some simple ideas on how you can get that:

Live updates through your social media channel

Twitter always a famous social platform for any event. You can useTwitter for live tweet and interaction with attendees who are sharing ideas and related about business eventusing the event hashtags. Tweets from business event speakers and share photos of your event. You can also use Instagram for photo sharing of your event.

On other social media channels where you can’t post as normally, you need to choose your updates verycarefully.

Therefore, it is very necessary to provide iPad to every single attendee. In London many companies provide these IPad rental services.You could hire iPad very easily and in cheap price from IPad rental for business events.


Chatbots are an example of how machine impact on the business events. Chatbots, with their ability to provide attendee support for business events during the event through a computer program that pretends human conversations. If it’s good, they could be a money and time saver for companies. They can answer attendee questions and any query.

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