Best Game of Thrones Tour – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik has changed the trend of tourism in Croatia. The Dubrovnik is a historic city with the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The game of thrones locations in Dubrovnik has made the game of throne fans to visit this place once in a lifetime. The Game of Thrones Tour is popular here on the HBO television series. The game of throne is a series with many seasons. Some of the shooting is taken in this heritage city. Until today, a game of thrones tour to Dubrovnik has daily hundreds of tourists

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tour

The below mentioned are the major shooting spot of the game of throne in Dubrovnik. You can see these locations in season-2, which is the landing of the king.

  • St Dominic street Dubrovnik
  • Walls of Dubrovnik
  • Fort Lovrijenac
  • Minceta Tower
  • Blackwater Bay
  • Gradac Park
  • Rector’s Palace
  • Pile Gate

A guided tour will explain the scenes and the importance of that location. It will be amazing to be on the spot, where this series was filmed.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Self-Tour          

The Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik self-guided is ok if you have visited this place earlier. You must have watched the game of throne series first. A game of throne Dubrovnik map is enough to do the rest. You can go by walk and finish the tour within 2-hours. Anyone can take the Game of Thrones Tour throughout the year.

1-Day Tour to Dubrovnik Game of Throne Locations

Locally, you can find many tourist guides and day tour operators approaching to show you the game of throne shooting places in Dubrovnik. It is advisable to plan your tour as this is an international tourist destination. Croatia comes under the top 20-tourist destination of this world. It will be hard to find accommodation. You can book online for a day tour to see those amazing places. They will give you a guide, who does speak English. The online booking will give some discounts. You can also come under the Croatia tour packages, where a game of throne site seeing is included. Dubrovnik is a small cultural city, and you can cover them in a day tour. Yet, the Croatia full package may take 4-days to complete all attractions.

The tourists, who are not aware of this HBO game of throne series, can check online reviews to get some information. The game of thrones Dubrovnik map will help you to find those exact location as you tour in this place. In the recent times, the Dubrovnik game of thrones tourism is popular in Croatia. The Game of Thrones Tour online booking is the best to save some money through discounts and offers. Croatia is a tourist-friendly place. The Dubrovnik is a cultural heritage city. It is advisable to visit in-group and enjoy your tour in Dubrovnik. You can also find much other game of throne fans in this historic place.

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