Why to Go To Work in Canada

Thinking of Canada it is difficult not to conjure up images of safe and sound nature, lakes, and rivers, mountains and hills in your mind. This country is not only a paradise for nature lovers but also represents the choice of life to a large number of immigrants from all over the world who decide to find work and move permanently to Canada.

Beauty of Canada

Enchanting landscapes, elevated attention to environmental sustainability, the modernity of the structures, quality of services, the validity of the health system and not negligible job opportunities are the main reasons that push many people every year.

Best Canadian Economy

The Canadian economy has managed to conquer a prominent role at world level, leading the country to quickly recover both the rankings that examine per capita income and those concerning the quality of life. The measures of the Canadian government and the attention paid to citizens residing in the territory have allowed Canada to continue to grow even in the years of the global economic crisis.

Best Job Opportunities in Canada

Even today there are different opportunities available to those looking for work. The offers come both from the tertiary sector (above all from banking institutions and companies operating in the tourism sector) and from industry (very active are the timber industry, the agri-food sector, the information technology sector and biotechnologies).

The fact of being able to communicate using two languages now known by most European students such as English and French, the existence of good wages and the entrepreneurial possibilities offered by a nation that focuses on young people, has brought many people trying their luck in Canada. Working in Canada also means being in possession of a card showing the Social Insurance Number (SIN), a useful tool on many occasions.

How to Get Job in Canada

Those who plan to reach Canada to work have the opportunity to find different offers by looking at ads on specialized websites. Alternatively, you can contact the recruitment agencies that are recommended by your immigration consultants and HRSDC.

Finding work before reaching Canadian soil is a way to “shorten” time. In this case, in fact, the employer can act as “guarantor”, taking charge of the long bureaucratic procedure necessary to regularize the position. All the basic information for getting jobs and visa can be obtained from your Canada immigration consultants they will provide you the best options.

Once you find a job, however, even within this country the risk of losing the hard-won place is not excluded. Should this happen, the Office of Human Resources and Capacity Development Canada is the institution to refer to. Thanks to his intervention, it will be possible to get information on unemployment benefits provided for, obtaining the related payments.

Final Thought: work in Quebec

A final mention is for those who want to work in Quebec. In this case, the interested party should ask his employer to contact the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities. It will be the latter to provide the CAQ, which is the certificate of acceptance of Québec. Subsequently, the Embassy will proceed to issue the authorization to temporary work in the territory.

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