The Festive Edit: Contemporary Classics

Festival season is around the corner and it’s that time of the year where women put their best fashion foot forward. Any festival is incomplete without the traditional Indian wear. Whether it’s an ethnic maxi dress or kurta, shopping for women’s dresses online is a tedious task. Hence, it’s better to analyze the options first before diving headfirst in what is a season of sales and discounts. Contemporary classics are clothing pieces that can be worn, not just on festive occasions. These can be tailored and paired with everyday clothing so that it doesn’t just be kept hanging in the corner of a cupboard. Here’s a quick guide on such multi-purpose clothing:

  1. Maxi Dresses: Any list of trendy women’s dresses online includes these as a modifiable attire. The reason being that they are adaptable as per the occasion. Whether it’s day out or ethnic celebration, when paired with the right accessories, these are the perfect outfit. Adding a chunky belt or stole also adds oodles of charm. However, if the colors are bright, they can simply be carried off as it is. Pro tip: while picking a maxi dress, be wise with the choice of fabric.

  1. Kurtas: These are a must-have of any Indian wardrobe for they can be reinvented and worn on any celebratory occasion or simply at work. Kurtas have a range of fabrics to suit every styling sensibility. Comprising of both traditional and modern styles, especially during the festive seasons, there hems and sleeves can be tailored to make them appear trendy without compromising on their ethnic appeal. That is perhaps the best thing about this sartorial preference. Primarily a basic trend in case one doesn’t feel like dressing-up without looking too simple. Pairing it up with an embellished jacket is equally modish.


  1. Minimalism is the new Fad: Pairing of a simple Anarkali kurta with an embroidered stole and a simple pair of earrings might just fetch you enough compliments to last a lifetime. A wise person once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Hence, the advent of the minimalist movement in fashion. A fancy pair of stole or a beautiful pair of earrings can be reused again, with any suitable outfit. Hence, keeping it simple and carrying it with aplomb is all the trend. Investing in these pieces, will hence, prove to be a good idea while planning an outfit.

The contemporary classics remain an evergreen part of one’s wardrobe, hence while choosing these pieces, one must pay attention to the fabric and embroidery. While an essential clothing piece is necessary, compromising with its make and texture might affect its longevity. As long as one is aware of how to carry the trend off, the material is only as relevant as its wearer. A good dress is worth only if, the one dressing up is gracefully and effortlessly carrying it off. That said, leave room for experimenting too. Where’s the fun in dressing up if one doesn’t try something new?!


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